Become an Approved Sign Company


We are constantly being asked to recommend a sign shop for printing. Most firms prefer dealing with a local sign company rather than one several hundred miles away.

We have a booth at all of the major signs shows and most of the real estate conventions. This year we attended the International Sign Assoc. Show in Orlando and several of the Regional Sign Shows. We also had a booth at the Mid-Year Realtor Convention in Washington DC and the North and South Realtor Convention in Savannah, GA. We attend vendor shows at many of our 159 distributors branches throughout US.

We manufacture Scooter Board and Scooter Board UV for interior and exterior signage. We ask that you print on two free samples successfully and return one to us. There will be a short description of what Scooter Board and Scooter Board UV is and how it should be used along with a signature line for your acceptance which you should return with the sample.

With your permission we will recommend your company at no charge to you!

This does not in any way obligate your company to sell our product, it merely helps provide a service for our many customers. Please feel free to call us or contact us with any questions you many have.