High Density Hardboard


We stock High-Density Hardboard available in 4’x8′ to 4’x12′ sizes in 1/8′, 3/16″, & 1/4 thickness. Peg board and Dry Erase in 1/8″ and 1/4″ thickness are in stock.

Our hardboard is a Masonite Duron type formulation that has been the standard for critical use projects in cabinets, store fixtures and displays to name a few applications. It also works great for floor covering protection and the packaging industry. It is harder, tougher and more stable than regualar MDF. It has a deep rich brown finsh that can be painted any color. Cutting to size and routing precisely is easily accomplished with this product.

We purchase all of our hardboard products in truck load or full container quantities for great prices. Call us for special pricing!