Comparing Scooter Board and Scooter Board UV

We have been asked to compare Scooter Board (SB) and Scooter Board UV (SBUV), we hope this demonstrates the differences. Most UV printers will not get good adhesion on SB. That is why we came out with SBUV which accepts most all direct UV printers. Even the Gerber (UV) Ion can, without special care, have adhesion problems on SB.

Scooter Board has a harder and tougher surface than SBUV. It would be a better choice when direct surface wear is a factor. Such as shelving or a counter top.

Adhesion Promoters, Lacquer Thinners and Products of this nature can be used on SB to increase adhesion or to clean existing screening inks from the surface. These kind of products should not be used on SBUV. They are not necessary for adhesion and may damage the finish. Many sign companies are UV Printing direct on SBUV without any surface preparation other than an inspection for dust which can be lightly brushed off.

Testing for ink compatibility is necessary.

Exterior Life for both products 1 to 4 years depending on edge coating which is recommended, and placement.

Green (Meets California CARB Phase 1 & 2 Certification for Low Emissions).

Recyclable (Both Scooter Board and Scooter Board UV).

Exterior Applications — Real Estate and Construction Site Signs, Hanging signs, Outdoor Displays. A good replacement for MDO, it’s flatter and doesn’t tend to warp as readily. The finish is smoother and the printing surface is consistent.

Interior Applications — POP Displays, Exhibits, Store Fixtures, hanging signs.

Price is the same for both products.