Woodcraft Manufacturing is one of the nation's premier suppliers of fabricated board products for commercial and industrial use. We have produced more than 80,000 real estate sign blanks a week for over 40 years. We can laminate, route, drill, shape and cut to your specifications.

Moisture Resistant MDF

Our Moisture Resistant MDF has a good rigidity and will cut and route cleanly. Our moisture resistant substrate will allow you to supply your finish products in areas that regular MDF will not work.

  • Phenolic Materials

    Arboron, Phenelex and Formica’s Thickstock are used nationwide for many applications. Available sizes include 4′x8′ to 5′x12′ in 1/8″ to 2″ thicknesses.

  • High Density Hardboard

    Woodcraft has featured high-density hardboard for three generations. It is a highly workable material formulated from a unique process that combines wood fibers in a special wet process.

  • Scooter Board

    Scooter Board is our newest product for real estate signs and point of purchase displays. It is white 2 sides with a beautiful non glare finish. Any shape is possible.

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