Board Products

Scooter Board

Scooter board is our newest product for real estate signs and point of purchase displays. It is white 2 sides with a beautiful non glare finish that is tougher than roll coated applied paints. Scooter board is moisture resistant and more durable than high density hardboard such as Duron.

Ready to screen print, unique and unequaled in its price range, this new and exciting product is available in cut-to-size and all popular real estate sign shapes. There is no other product available that meets our prices for a substrate of this quality.

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High Density Hardboard

Woodcraft has featured high-density hardboard for four generations. It is a highly workable material formulated from a unique process that combines wood fibers in a special wet process.

Intricate designs are easy to create and our high-density hardboard cleanly receives cuts and punches without chipping or splintering, resulting in a smooth edge. It is often used for furniture, cabinets, store fixtures and displays of all types.

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Moisture Resistant MDF

Woodcraft features the largest supply in the midwest of Moisture Resistant MDF. We stock 1/8″, 3/16″, 1/4″, & 1/2″ in 4/8′ sheets. This board meets CARB phase 1 & 2 for interior and exterior use. It has a superior finish ready for painting and processing.

It has a good rigidity and will cut and route cleanly. Our moisture resistant substrates will allow you to supply your finish products in areas that regular MDF will not work. With these added features the price is still competitive. We also stock 5′x 10′ in the standard grade MDF.

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Phenolic Materials

Phenolic materials, Arboron, Phenelex and Formica’s Thickstock, are used nationwide for many applications. Some of our satisfied customers include Stanley Furniture, Bassett Chair Company, Hickory, American Drew, Universal, Thomasville, and Proctor & Gamble.

Phenolic materials’ uses have broadened due to its durability and resistance to chemicals and temperature changes. Our Phenolics meet NEMA thickness and flatness standards. Some applications include stage floors for Broadway, non-conductive work stations for the U.S. Navy and flooring for Union Pacific Railroad.

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We are a direct account with these leading manufacturers of HPL. Our Black Bros. laminating line consists of 8 1/2″ Tampico brush cleaners to provide a vigorous deep and thorough cleaning to both the top and bottom of the panel surface. With our efficient vacuum and airflow system, the maximum amount of dust is removed.

Our Black Bros. glue spreader has variable speed which allows for precise coating thickness. This results in a better product at less cost. Our 5′ x 12′ press applies uniform pressure on the entire platen for strong, high quality bonding. Our prices are competitive. Call us for lay-ups.

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